List of Telugu God Movies That You Should Watch

List of Telugu God Movies:

Devotion as the most popular theme for movies. Films were also seen as a tool for social change. Gods were seen as a blessing in disguise to motivate the masses to the path of righteousness and virtue. A handful of cinematic genres were common to all of them: mythological, devotional and social. However, each regional cinema developed some genres better than others. Telugu cinema was at its best in mythological films. The stories of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata had great appeal in Andhra.

Shri Manjunatha
Shri Manjunatha

Here is a list of Telugu God movies:

Shridi Sai Mahatyam – Balachander as Saibaba was graceful. But it is the musical touch of the maestro Ilayaraja, which made this movie memorable.

Bhakta Tukaram – The legendary ANR flawlessly portrayed the great devotee “Tukaram”.

Sri Madvirat Veerabrahmendra swamy charitra – Forever etched in history as a memorable film, it saw NTR as Shri. Potuluri Veerabramhendra swamy

Annamayya – Nagarjuna as Annamayya gave a splendid performance. His character portrayal was beyond words.

Bhakta Kannappa – This movie has a cult following, which will remain for the generations to come. Played by Krishnam Raju, the movie cemented his acting skills in the Telugu film industry.

Shri Manjunatha – Chiranjeevi and Arjun as the lord and his devotee in the film make it a classic and a pleasure to watch.

Many superstars of Tollywood have portrayed and played Gods in mythological movies. NTR’s fame stemmed mainly from his unparalleled portrayals of the characters of the two great epics like Krishna, Arjuna, and Bhima. Bringing our faith to life in the form of movies brings a sense of commitment to humanity and faith in one another. Bertolt Brechet has said, “We need a type of theatre which not only releases the feelings, insights, and impulses possible within the particular historical field of human relations in which the action takes place, but employs and encourages those thoughts and feelings which help transform the field itself.”

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