List of Telugu Friendship Movies

List of Telugu Friendship Movies:

Friendship is one of the popular themes in Telugu movies. The film makers try to showcase friendship in all possible manners.  The question is what makes friendship such a popular topic for directors?? Well, movie or not, friendship forms one of the most special bonds in our life. After family, friends are the other constant in our lives. From childhood to old age, friends always remain close to our hearts.

List of Telugu Friendship Movies
List of Telugu Friendship Movies

Here is a list of Telugu friendship movies:

Oh My Friend – A family entertainer based on friendship and love. The movie, starring Siddharth and Shruthi Haasan ends with best friends who remain so without any romantic angle. The two best friends (Shruthi and Siddharth) love each other more than anything else in the world and are ready to do anything for the each other’s happiness.

Dalapathi –Maniratnam manages to get to the big screen a bond of close friendship with this movie, featuring Rajinikanth and Mammootty. This is a story of how they stand up for each other as friends and it explains who a true friend is.

Happy Days – This is the story about 8 engineering students who go on to become best buds. They go through much together including the harassment of seniors, the pressure of exams, and heartbreaks. This film features Tamannaah and Varun Sandesh in lead roles. This film is relatable to every college going student, their journey to figuring themselves out and making friends for a lifetime.

Life Is Beautiful – This movie shows the journey of 6 friends who live and grow up together in the same place. It shows how they face the hurdles of life and make their places in this race. This movie features Sriya Saran and Amala Akkineni.

Kerintha – Starring Sri Divya, Sumanth Ashwin and Tejasree Madiwada, Kerintha is the story of a group of friends who help the hero get the girl of his dreams. This is a fun filled movie with a simple storyline.

Sneham Kosam – This film features Chiranjeevi, Vijayakumar and Meena in the lead roles. This is the story of two friends who love each other more than anything else.

Nee Sneham – This is a story based on sacrifices for best friends. While one friend risks his own life to save another and ends up in a wheelchair, another friend sacrifices the love of his life. This movie, starring Uday Kiran, Aarthi Agarwal and Jitin is an ideal tale of friendship.

Vasantham – This film features Venkatesh, Aarthi Agarwal and Kalyani in lead roles. This story is based on the friendship between two childhood friends (Venkatesh and Kalyani) who literally grew up together.

Arya 2 – This movie features Allu Arjun, Kajal Aggarwal and Navadeep in the lead roles. This is a story based on two friends, the hero’s love for his best friend and how much he is willing to sacrifice for his friend’s happiness.

Iddharu Mitrulu – Directed by K. Raghavendra Rao, this film features Chiranjeevi, Sakshi Sivanand and Ramya Krishnan in the lead roles. This is a typical story of two best friends of the opposite gender (Chiranjeevi and Sakshi) and all the problems they have to face because they share a close bond.

Premadesam – The worst way the relation between two good friends can get ruined is when they love the same girl. Premadesam stars Vineeth, Abbas and Tabu. The movie is about two best friends who love the same girl and the ensuing rivalry. The movie is about how willing they are to sacrifice the woman they love when everything gets messed up.

Gamyam – This is a romantic film starring Sharwanand, Allari Naresh and Kamalini Mukherjee in the lead roles. Both the guys meet due to unexpected circumstances and they end up travelling together. Before they could realize, they become the best of friends.

Movies revolving around friends and friendship have always been loved by one and all. Over the years, some films have set the benchmark for what real friendship looks like. Certain dialogues, the way friends greet each other and the funny name calling, all of this has been a part of Tollywood and the audience absolutely love it!

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