List of 8 Bollywood Stars Who Died Mysteriously

The life of fame of Bollywood stars looks so attractive on screen but sometimes it is not the reality you see. Some Bollywood stars death is still a mystery for people that aren’t solved yet. Here’s a list of 8 Bollywood stars who died mysteriously.


Bollywood Stars Who Died Mysteriously

Sridevi’s sudden death in 2018 came as a shock to her fans and family. She was found dead in a hotel room bathtub in Dubai. The reason is known to be accidental drowning.

Jiah Khan

Bollywood Actors Who Killed Themselves
Bollywood Actors Who Killed Themselves

Jiah Khan got popular for her roles in Housefull and Ghajini. She was found hanging in her apartment on June 3, 2013. Her unhappy relationship with Sooraj Pancholi was mentioned as the cause of suicide in her diary.

Divya Bharti

Divya Bharti gained huge popularity when she was just 17 years old. She married filmmaker Sajid Nadiadwala in 1992. She reportedly fell from the fifth floor of her apartment.

Parveen Babi

Bollywood Stars Who Died Mysteriously

Praveen Babi was the first ever Bollywood actress to appear on Time’s Magazine cover. Her toxic relationships with Mahesh Bhatt and Kabir Bedi and paranoid schizophrenia led her to starve herself to death.

Guru Dutt

Guru Dutt was an inexplicable 50s Bollywood actor, singer and a producer. He mixed alcohol and sleeping pills before sleeping and its overdose killed him. He tried to commit suicide twice before and this was known to be his third attempt.

Manmohan Desai

Manmohan Desai reportedly jumped off from his balcony. He directed movies like Amar Akbar Anthony and Dharam Veer. Rumors are that he committed suicide because of depression and chronic back pain.

Silk Smitha

Bollywood Stars Who Died Mysteriously

Silk Smitha’s real name was Vijaylakshmi Vadlapati. Vidya Balan’s The Dirty Picture is based on her life. She committed suicide by hanging herself from a fan. But the reason remains a mystery.

Shikha Josh

Shikha Joshi was an Indian actor and a model. She starred in a Bollywood movie, B.A. Pass. She slit her throat open in frustration of her unsuccessful career and killed herself.

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