List of K Balachander Telugu Movies

K Balachander Telugu Movies:

Kailasam Balachander was a well-known filmmaker and playwright in the film industry. He was known as the master of unconventional themes and hard-hitting contemporary subject matter. His movies portrayed women as bold personalities and often played the central characters in the movies.

List of K Balachander Telugu Movies
List of K Balachander Telugu Movies

1968  Bhale Kodalu starring  S. V. Ranga Rao, Sowcar Janaki, Kanchana, Jayanthi, Nagabhushanam, Ramakrishna, Chalam, Rajasree and Saraswathi is a comedy film and literally means “Well done daughter in law.”

1969  Saththekalapu Satteya starring Chalam, Sobhan Babu and Rajasree was a memorable film by the director.

1971  Bomma Borusaa starring Chandra Mohan, S. Varalakshmi, Chalam, Ramakrishna, Vennirade Nirmala, Allu Rama Lingaiah, Mukkamala, Rama Prabha and Raja Babu is a comedy drama.

1976  Anthuleni Katha starring Jayaprada, Rajinikanth, Phataphat Jayalaxmi

Sripriya is a moving drama.

1978  Maro Charithra starring Kamal Hasan and Saritha is a cross-cultural romance between a Tamil boy and a Telugu girl.

1979  Andamaina Anubhavam starring Kamal Haasan, Jayasudha, Jaya Prada

1979  Idi Katha Kaadu starring Kamal Haasan, Chiranjeevi, Jayasudha,

Sarath Babu, Saritha and Leelavathi is a family drama and the trials and tribulations faced by a young girl in love.

1979  Guppedu Manasu starring Sarath Babu, Sujata and Saritha is about two families living next door and their relations.

1980  Aakali Rajyam starring Kamal Hasan and Sridevi is about a young revolutionary who rejects the future his parents have chosen for him to forge a life of his own.

1980  Aadavalloo Meeku Johaarlu starring Jaya Malini, Krishnam Raju and Jaysudha

1980  Tholikodi Koosindi Starring Sarath Babu, Saritha, Seema, Madhavi, Jeeva Dhulipala Seetarama Sastry, Prasad Babu

1988  Rudhraveena starring Chiranjeevi, Gemini Ganesan, Shobhana is about a classical singer who believes in changing the society through his music.

The above movies were made in Telugu, apart from these, there were many Tamil movies that were dubbed in Telugu too. K Balachander was popularly called Iyakkunar Sigaram (“the director who scaled the peak”). His films ususally centered on complicated and unusual interpersonal relationships and social themes.

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