Kumar Sanu Shares His Father’s SHOCKING Response Post His Debut Singing Performance

While Veteran Bollywood Singer Kumar Sanu was there for a F2F with Kapil at The Kapil Sharma Show, he came up with one shocking revelation. He shared that he gave his first performance on the railway track in front of a mafia gang.

Kumar Sanu is one of the well-known names in Bollywood when it comes to male playback singers. He has a successful career that spans over decades and some of his tracks are forever and evergreen. There could be no male actor hailing from the 90’s era, be it Salman, Shahrukh or Aamir Khan and others for whom he hasn’t done playback singing.

This time he and lyricist Sameer visited Kapil on his weekend show where they made some revelations about both his journey and early years as a singer. There, Kumar Sanu was asked about his debut music performance. To which he replied,

“My debut performance was on the railway tracks where I was asked to sing some Hindi songs in front of a mafia gang and additionally, 20,000 more people were present. I had sung in fear and danced too and luckily, they liked it.”

He further added that after his father came to know about this act of his, he slapped him. Below are his words in exact:

“When my father who hails from an orthodox background got to know about this, he slapped me very hard and said that this is not the way to sing.”

When it comes to his company at the show i.e. Bollywood lyricist Sameer, he too joined in and turned the mood light with some interesting revelations. He shared that the lyrics of his famous song  ‘Dekha Hai Pehli Baar’ hailing from the movie: Saajan, was inspired by his wife Anita Pandey. He also shared that after he told his wife about the song, the latter said that he may one of the finest lyricists but he’s a very bad liar.


Gaurav Gupta

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