Action Man Akshay Kumar Talks About Allegations of Inflated Box-Office Numbers of Housefull 4

Success and failure are both parts of a coin. In the absence of one, another will lose its relevance in the long run of life. Akshay Kumar whose Housefull 4 fell flat on box office, recently talked about all the rumors concerning its inflated box office collection numbers. Despite a big cast: Riteish Deshmukh, Bobby Deol, Kriti Sanon, Kriti Kharbanda & Pooja Hegde, Housefull opened to not-so-favorable reviews from the critics.

kshay Kumar Box-Office Numbers Housefull 4
kshay Kumar Box-Office Numbers Housefull 4

After the news came that the film has crossed Rs. 100 crores at the box office, rumors started doing the rounds that the figures have been exaggerated. During a recent F2F with media, Akshay talked clear about all the negativity surrounding the film & also hit back at the allegations of inflated box-office figures.

Was He Upset With The Twitter Trends On Fake Housefull 4 Numbers?

Akshay answered, 

“Do I look upset? I am from that era where I have heard a lot of people say a lot of things. But I have never said anything. In my school, I was taught, ‘Mind your own business.”

Akshay Was Hard On Accusations Of Inflated Box Office Numbers Of Housefull 4

He told journalists,

“There is a studio called Fox Star Studios (involved with the film), it has a big credibility. It is corporate. It runs from LA. It is not possible. We should use our brains. They make films of millions and millions of dollars and for them to increase by three or five nothing will happen. So, let’s talk sense. They (Fox Star Studios) are writing it on their own (Twitter) handle and it goes everywhere, they have to report to everyone. Nobody is going to lie about this.”

Akshay came prepared. He revealed that the film has done a business of about Rs. 137 crores.

When Akshay Was Asked About The Film Receiving Negative Reviews From Critics

He responded with words,

 “See I respect critics, people need to be critiqued, it is like a barometer which tells you what the temperature is. It is important to have critics in your life and I respect that. Comedy is a kind of a thing which everyone won’t like, my comedy sense is very different than my wife’s. She may not like this, she may like some other kind of work that I do. That is why things will vary from all out what one critic has to say than what another has to say and especially in comedy it is always going to be.”

It seems that Akshay is paying the cost for being the flag bearer of the failed: Housefull 4. Like he got credit for the successful Mission Mangal, which also had a big cast alike Housefull 4.


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