Krushna Says That He Loves Govinda Too Much to Face Him

Earlier this month, comedian Krushna Abhishek refused to be a part of an episode of  ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, that features his relative and Bollywood superstar Govinda as a guest appearance. Krushna said that there are differences between them and he doesn’t want their feud to affect the show in any manner.

Krushna Govinda
Krushna Govinda

For those of you who are unaware, comedian Krushna Abhishek is a regular performer in the Kapil Sharma show, who often entertains Bollywood celebrities with his amazing punch-lines and quirkiness. Recently, when the channel told him that Bollywood star, Govinda is going to appear in one episode as special guests, Krushna instantly refused to perform in front of Govinda because of their “silly misunderstanding”. He said that he will not appear in that episode because he doesn’t want to offend Govinda.

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In an interview, Krushna shared his sadness over the matter and said, “I had a strong relationship with mama, and the enmity has affected me badly. When the relationship between two people is strained, it’s difficult to perform comedy. Besides, mama might take offence to my jokes. Achhi comedy ke liye set ka mahaul achha hona chahiye (good comedy needs conducive environment). I can vouch that it would have been like a house on fire even if I had performed as Krushna and not Sapna (the character he portrays on the show) with mama. I could have paid tribute to him on the show.”

The comedian confessed that he tried to contact his Chi-chi mama during the lockdown, but got no response. He further added, that their fight is a “silly misunderstanding” and only Kapil Sharma can resolve the differences.

Krushna Govinda
Krushna Govinda

Krushna clarified that he still loves his uncle a lot, and he would definitely want to sort out all the differences between them, he said, “I love Govinda Maama a lot. And I know he loves me as much. Which is why he has the right to be upset with me. And I love him too much to face him now when things are the way they are between us. I wouldn’t able to stop my tears. So it’s best not to do the episode. I’ve been very close to him. I’ve stayed at his home with him and his family. Jitna hi pyar hai, utni hi duree ho gayee hai (despite our  mutual affection we are now  distanced from one another).”

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