When Krushna Abhishek Refused to Work on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’

People have been loving Kapil Sharma for years now. During the lockdown, his show was the ultimate savior as the channel used to air the previous Kapil shows. Post lockdown, the comedian started shooting his episodes again, and the channel has been getting a positive response from the audience. On Saturday, Kapil Sharma revealed that there was a time when his rival, Krushna refused to a part of his show. The reason behind his refusal is not what you are thinking.

Krushna Abhishek The Kapil Sharma Show
Krushna Abhishek The Kapil Sharma Show

The actual reason is that he did not want to play a female character on the show. All this happened while Kapil called his on-screen wife Sumona ‘Hot’, Kapil spilled that Krushna refused to a part of this show because he did not want to play the character of Sapna Lal Nalasopari. He added by saying that he convinced Krushna by giving Archana Puran Singh’s example.

The comedian further made the show hilarious as he mimicked the popular ACP Pradyuman from the famous show, CID. He further joked that Archana Puran Singh was a part of ‘Aahat’.

Kapil Sharma
Krushna Abhishek The Kapil Sharma Show

Not only this, but Kapil also joked that Kiku Sharma is the first artist to have gone to Jail for doing comedy. Replying to that, Shradha said that Kiku performed yet another controversial character on screen. Kiku played Arnab Goswami on the show, and Kiku called it a ‘revolutionary act’.

The comedian further made fun of Bharti Singh for bringing her husband everywhere she goes. Bharti took the joke sportingly and replied that Harsh is not that talented, and she needs to support her husband.

In the previous show of The Kapil Sharma, Krushna was dressed like the legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan, and Kiku was mimicked, Sunny Deol. It was a great show, and you’d love it. You can watch the complete show on YouTube.

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