KRK Claims Ishaan Khatter Talked Rudely to Karan Johar, Rangoli Chandel Slams KJo

It may sound shocking, but Kamaal R Khan used social media platform to inform that Ishaan Khatter, Shahid Kapoor’s younger sibling apparently talked rudely to Karan Johar and has been kicked out of Dharma for his behavior. Here’s what he posted:

While the authenticity of this blog needs to cross checked upon, it was Kangana’s sister and manager Rangoli Chandel who retweeted KRK’s tweet and slammed Karan Johar for forcing actors. Replying to KRK, here’s what she tweeted,

“Karan not only takes huge percentage of every artist earnings who he launches or works with and sends to Matrix bt also tells them what to wear and who to sleep with, percentage I understand lot f Hollywood production houses do that but always forcing actors to patch up…(contd).”

She didn’t stop at this and wrote further,

“…& break up based on his brand propaganda requirements will nt b acceptable by any self respecting individual career gaya bhad mein peace f mind is more imp khud ki nazron mein he gir jaoge toh duniya mein 4 paise toh kama loge magar sahi mayane mein kuch ban nahin paoge.”

Is There A Truth In This Rumor That Shahid Kapoor’s Younger Sibling: Ishan Talked Rudely To Karan Johar

Here’s some of the reactions to Rangolis’ tweet:

Avinash Jha @____Avinash____: “@Rangoli_A @kamaalrkhan mentioned @karanjohar didn’t take rude behaviour in a good way. Which no one should. And look at your response to that tweet. You really think after what nd how u replied, Karan is looking bad here? I really pity your upbringing !!”

Ruksar Parwani @ruksarparwani: “@Rangoli_A Bt why are you and your sister always interested in what @karanjohar and other actors are doing… this is the only reason y our parents teach us n say we should not sit idle lots of negative thoughts and negativity is in you. Work on it.”

Ankit @ankit_Zsh: “@Rangoli_A Dear rangoli, its a request to u… We are kangana fans… Not karan haters… I think u are more busy to focus on karan than kangana. Don’t forget that your tweets represent kangana.. These type of tweets can be misunderstood.. And u can lose your followers.”

Adyasha Das @AdyashaDas7: “@Rangoli_A Seriously! How can you respond to KRK’s tweet, who doesn’t have any credibility! Rethink dear!”

It seems that Rangoli is on a path to mismanage her sister’s career rather than managing it. One needs to be conscious of his words if they want to stay in business.


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