Kriti Sanon Recites a Painful Poem on Domestic Violence 

Kriti Sanon on Domestic Violence :

Kriti Sanon recited a painful poem on domestic violence that she penned while she was in Class 11.

Domestic Violence is an issue that plagues the whole of the globe, no matter whether it is a developed, developing, or underdeveloped country.

In these lockdown days, like most of Bollywood, Kriti Sanon too has been using her time in isolation to do things she always wanted to but never had the time to. This Bareilly Ki Barfi actress has been reciting poems on her social media, and the latest one is a heart-wrenching poem on domestic violence.

There has been an alarming increase in the number of domestic violence cases in many parts of the world ever since the Coronavirus lockdown began. Kriti, who had penned a poem on the issue of domestic violence while she was in class 11 after hearing the story of her house help, recited it for her fans on her Instagram handle.

The poem debuts with words that read,

“As the sun sets, spreading blood all over the sky, my heart starts sinking once again, sweat goes down and my neck strikes. Feet steady at the door, he’s gonna be late. Wait I can hear him come, the sound is not a stranger. I can hear the doorknob, I can smell the danger. The odour tells me he’s drunk again, full of frustration, ready to deliver some pain.”

“He throws me down like an insane, another mark he has left on my body,” and adds, “my sobbing acts like music and lulls him to sleep.”

Sharing the video, Kriti wrote as a caption,

“Stand up for yourself & REPORT..because It’s NOT OKAY! It breaks my heart to read that the domestic violence cases have almost doubled up during the lockdown period! About 700 cases alone in Punjab! And these are just the ones Registered! Imagine how many are not reported!” She ended the note saying, “ONLY YOU can control your life.. so stand up for yourself! It’s NOT OK for anyone to physically hurt you.. no matter what the reason is! IT’S NOT OK!” (sic).

“You Are What You Believe In. You Become That Which You Believe You Can Become” 

― Bhagavad Gita


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