Leaked: KK Singh’s Whatsaap Chats to Rhea Chakraborty And Shruti Modi Goes Viral

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case is getting complicated day by day. Whatsaap messages from Sushant’s father to Rhea and Shruti Modi (former business manager) have now surfaced online revealing that KK Singh was deeply concerned for Sushant’s health and wanted to talk to him.

KK Singh's Rhea Chakraborty Shruti Modi

In these messages, KK Singh had contacted Rhea Chakraborty in  November 2019 to give details regarding Sushant’s health. He also sent a WhatsApp message to Shruti asking her to tell him about his loans and send him a flight ticket as he wishes to see his son, Sushant.

In  the message to Rhea, he wrote,

“Jab tum jan gaee ki ain Sushant ka papa hun to bat kyon nahin ki. Akhir bat kya hai. Friend ban kar uska dekhbhal our uska elaj karba rahi ho to mea bhi farj banta hai ki Sushant ke bare men sari jankari mujhe bhi rahe. Esliye call kar mujhe bhi sari jankari do”(When you know that I am the father of Sushant, why did not you talk? After all, what is the matter? Being a friend, caring for him is okay, but as a father I also feel that all the information about Sushant should be given to me. So call and give me all the information.)

KK Singh's Rhea Chakraborty Shruti Modi
KK Singh’s Rhea Chakraborty Shruti Modi

KK Singh’s message to Shruti Modi, he said,

“Mein janta hun ki Sushant ka sara karj our use bhi tum dekhti ho. Wah abhi kis stithi men hai, eska liye bat karna chah rahe hai. Kal Sushant se bat huee thi to usne kah raha tha ki main bahut pareshan hun. Ab tum socho ki ye pita ko kitni chinta hogi uske liye. Esliye tumse baat karna chah raha tha. Ab tum bat nahi kar rahi ho to main Mumbai jana Chahta hu. Fli ka ticket bhej do.”(I know that you look after Sushant’s loans and him too. I want to talk about his current state of mind. When I spoke to Sushant yesterday, he said he was upset. Now you think how much a father will be worrying for him. That’s why I wanted to talk to you. If you are not talking now, I want to go to Mumbai. Send me a flight ticket.)

KK Singh's Rhea Chakraborty Shruti Modi
KK Singh’s Rhea Chakraborty Shruti Modi

A few days back Rhea posted her WhatsApp chats with Sushant. In the chats, he was pissed at his sister Priyanka. He said that his sister is “pure evil” and is trying to “manipulate” his “Sid Bhai”. In the message he wrote,

“(“To Priyanka”), You do this, after the shameful act, making this a coverup to attract attention playing the victim card to the most non negotiable act of molestation under the influence of alcohol.”

Replying to Rhea’s allegation, Sushant’s sister, Shweta Singh posted a video of his interview where he told that he is closest to his sister Priyanka.

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