KGF Star Yash Had a Mourning Birthday Because of These Two Reasons

Yash the South superstar, who is popular for his role in his recent hit KGF, turned 33 on 8th January 2019 but rather than celebrating, his birthday turned out to be a mourning day because of two reasons. Recently, Yash unveiled on social media that he will not celebrate his own birthday this year as a senior member of his family, Dr. Ambarish expired. The superstar also revealed how he ended up losing his fan, as this fan died in front of Yash’s residence.

KGF Yash

According to the reports, his fan was a 26-year-old guy named Ravi, who is an employee in a garment factory from Laggere. He was denied entry in the Yash’s residence in Katriguppe (in South Bengaluru) after repetitive attempts. This really depressed the fan since he had previously visited the superstar every year on his birthday. thus apparently, Ravi poured petrol on himself and set a fire. After getting noticed, the locals tried to save him by covering from blankets. People took him to Victoria Hospital, but it was too late.

Doctors said, he suffered 70 percent burns and even while the surgery, he asked the doctors about when the superstar will come to see him. Dr. KT Ramesh, who is the HOD of burns ward had unveiled that he was on oxygen support and told,

“When we were dressing his wounds, Ravi asked the doctors whether Yash would come to see him, now that he was struggling between life and death.”

When he visited the hospital, Yash took a strong stand and said,

“He has clicked selfies with me on my birthday. I’m sorry to say but this is not fandom and I don’t believe he can be a fan. I request my fans to never take such drastic steps. A few days before my birthday, I had put out a video saying I am not celebrating my birthday this year. This is very hurtful.”

He shared a video on Facebook before his birthday and requested his fans to please respect his decision and to co-operate. After this incident, he met Ravi’s parents at the hospital. Nevertheless, Ravi’s parents didn’t accuse or blamed Yash for their son’s death. He said his parents are kind-hearted and requested his fans to support him only by watching and loving his movies.

KGF Yash

The KGF star had a low profile on his birthday he was also spotted at the NTR Kathanayakudu press meet on Wednesday along with Puneeth Rajkumar, Balakrishna the producer-actor and Bollywood actress, Vidya Balan.

Despite clashing with the film Zero, his movie KGF did an outstanding job. The film luckily entered 200 crore club, becoming the first Kannada movie to enter in 100 crore club. The film released in five different languages and collected praise all over the world. The film helped Kannada film industry to gain confidence and made Yash a superstar from just a star.


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