KGF Star Yash Cannot Face Daughter Ayra’s Anger And He’s Happy About It Too

KGF male lead: Yash shared a funny conversation after giving daughter Ayra ‘summer haircut’.

Both Yash and his bald daughter Ayra posed for a pic and the Dad shared a funny conversation over his daughter’s ‘summer haircut’.

Yash might be the star of ‘KGF’ but his latest Instagram post proves that when it comes to the home he’s just a normal parent who falls weak in front of his daughter. Yash shared a moment pic with his baby girl Ayra and the funny conversation he wrote alongside the pic is sure to make your day.

The image that Yash shared shows Ayra looking at him angrily. A frightened Yash, in turn, looks tense on seeing Ayra, who is now bald. Sharing the photo, Yash writes,

“Ayra: Dad I know it’s summer… but I’m damn sure THIS is NOT summer cut!!! Dad: Well… ahem!!”

Here have a look at his post:

Yash and baby girl Ayra visited the Srikanteshwara Temple, also known as the Nanjangudeshwara Temple, expectedly with Radhika Pandit, Ayra’s mother aka Yash’s wife.

KGF Star Yash Cannot Face His Daughter Ayra’s Anger And He’s Happy About TooThere is a popular belief that donating something in the temple helps bring luck and success to the donor. Donating hair too is quite a popular culture in South India.

Talking about work, Yash is readying himself for the release of the sequel of ‘KGF’ i.e. ‘KGF: Chapter 2’. While Yash reprises his role as Rocky, the film would also introduce another character Adheera which is being played by Sanjay Dutt. Raveena Tandon has also been roped in to play Ramika Sen, India’s Prime Minister in 1981 in the movie.

Talking about Radhika Pandit. She is also one prominent Indian film artist and former television actress. Radhika established her career in Kannada cinema as a leading actress. She has been active in this acting profession since 2007 and has 2 children with Yash.


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