Kerala Jail DGP Rishiraj Singh Makes Shocking Claim about Sridevi’s Death

It must sound shocking to the ears of anyone who hears it, but as per the words of Kerala Jail DGP Rishiraj Singh the unexpected death of legendary Bollywood actress Sridevi was ‘not’ accidental but a murder. Newspaper Kerala Kaumudi published this article on its front page.

Bollywood Actress: Sridevi Did Not Die In An Accident. It Was A Murder. Alleges Kerala Jail DGP Rishiraj Singh
Bollywood Actress: Sridevi Did Not Die In An Accident Alleges Kerala Jail DGP Rishiraj Singh

DGP didn’t made this claim in air, he quoted his late friend late forensic surgeon Dr. Umadathan while making this statement. DGP’s wrote in his article,

“My friend told me that the death might have been a murder. When I asked him out of curiosity over the death, Dr Umadathan pointed out several circumstantial evidence to prove that the actress’ death was not accidental.”

DGP Rishiraj further said that,

“According to Dr Umadathan, ‘Even if she drank too much, she would not drown in one-foot deep water in a bathtub’.”

For those who are uninitiated, Late Dr. Umadathan was a forensic surgeon who led many important cases. And DGP Rishiraj also shared his experiences of working together with him on many cases.

DGP further revealed in his article quoting the forensic expert that,

“Without pushing by somebody, a person’s legs or head could not drown in one-foot water in the bathtub.”

In the past, filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma too had made similar allegations. His words were, “Coming to her death, it is most likely a combination of heart stroke-induced accidental drowning death in the tub. But medications might have played a huge role.”

“That’s because people with depression and insecurities can’t understand why the whole world is so happy and enjoying, but they are not able to feel the happiness in spite of all the glitter and spotlight.”

“That reminds them that they are deeply sad and that there is nothing wrong with the world and the fault is with just them that they are not able to feel anything,”

Evoking strong reactions, RGV further added,

“Some people who are very deeply depressed commit suicide. Others, just to control their depression and anxiety, take extra pills not knowing that it can be dangerous in certain doses and conditions.”

RGV concluded with the words,

“Keeping the speculations on her death aside and coming back to the point of her life, I generally don’t say ‘Rest In Peace’ after people die, but in her case I want to really say it because I very strongly believe that she would finally and really rest in peace now for the first time in her life, or shall I say death?”

Bollywood Actress: Sridevi Did Not Die In An Accident. It Was A Murder. Alleges Kerala Jail DGP Rishiraj Singh
Bollywood Actress: Sridevi

Sridevi who began her career in South Film Industry and earned herself a big name in Bollywood died in a Dubai hotel room on February 24, 2018 under suspicious circumstances that are still not clear and public.


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