Kavita Kaushik’s Husband is Upset With Aly Goni

The two fierce contestants, Aly Goni and Kavita Kaushik locked horns with each other over a small matter. Both of them fought over the ‘discipline task’ of Bigg Boss. Aly Goni and Kavita Kaushik are known for their straightforward nature, fans believe that both of them are playing strong in the game, and seeing these strong personalities fight each other over petty issues is very sad.

Kavita Kaushik's Husband Aly Goni
Kavita Kaushik’s Husband Aly Goni

Aly Goni got physical during the fight as he kicked the bin hard to hurt Kavita. Many housemates expressed their disapproval and made efforts to pacify the aggressive Aly Goni, and even Bigg Boss intervened to nominate Aly for next week’s nomination as a punishment. TV Actress Kavita Kaushik’s husband also shared his dissatisfaction with Bigg Boss’s punishment for Aly. He said that being a man he cannot fathom how Aly can get this aggressive that he tries to hurt a woman directly or indirectly on National Television. He said that this kind of behavior is not acceptable and neither Kavita nor his husband expected anyone inside the house to act this way. He further added that even Bigg Boss did not give him a proper punishment and he expected more than just a nomination.

Kavita’s husband, Ronnit Biswas, further said that he is proud of her wife as people can see how well-mannered and strong she actually is. He added that no matter how many people try to target her inside the house, she has come out with a strong personality who doesn’t bow down to anyone.

Ronnit even talked about Aly Goni and Jasmin’s relationship, he said, “At the end of the task, Bigg Boss did something amazing and out of the box where Aly Goni’s shoes were taken, and when Jasmin was given a choice to save her friend’s shoes and show her bond, she put everything on Aly. I mean I was laughing that she put everything on him that he likes to see her with makeup and all dressed up. Her real character as a person showed.”

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