Here’s What Katrina Has To Say On Rumors Of Shooting A Viral Ad With Ex-Ranbir In Separate Frames

Both these exes i.e. Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor recently came together to shoot for a commercial. But some critics overanalyzed this ad which also featured Badshah with comments that Katrina and Ranbir shot for the ad separately. We will tell you the truth.

This ex-couple dated for six years before calling it quits in 2016. And it is this past of theirs that prompted the critics to have fun on their cost. The exact reason for their breakup is still unknown. But some say when Ranbir started to get close to Alia Bhatt who was close friends with Katrina the things got worse. But these two exes are true professionals and came together to shoot an ad with Badshah.

Katrina Ranbir
Katrina Ranbir

Critics overanalyzed this commercial for the mobile brand & commented that the actors who were seen playing with the phone’s zoom lens, shot for the ad separately & it is the magic of VFX that they were seen together! But Katrina wasn’t ready to accept this nonsense and in an interview to Mumbai Mirror, she said,

“Not true, we shot it together completely!”

In the recent past, Katrina was giving an interview to Neha Dhupia and their she talked in elaborate about her past with Ranbir.

“There was another phase which came, which was also great and it was a phase where I think I kind of let go a bit and I was really consumed and taken over by something else in my life which was not my work.” She added, “Basically the relationship that was in my life became my focus and I was happy. I don’t say that in a regretful way. What I did in that, maybe which in retrospect you learn from is I probably let a lot of things in the way I was working slide a bit.”

Meanwhile, Ranbir & Alia are supposed to be getting hitched anytime in the near future, as Ranbir’s Dad: Rishi Kapoor is back in India from US, post his successful cancer treatment.


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