Katrina Kaif’s Response To A Misbehaving Fan Earns Her Social Media Appreciation

It is normal for fans to get excited whenever they come across their favorite Bollywood stars and they all ask for mostly one thing a selfie/autograph. But there’s always a thin line between going crazy and acting totally scary. In a recent incident, Katrina Kaif was caught in a dilemma when a fan tried to misbehave with her at the Delhi airport, creating havoc around her. But, as expected in a normal situation, things didn’t happen like that, and instead of losing her calm, Katrina maintained her poise and politely asked the crazy fan to take a selfie from a little distance and can be heard saying, “Aaramse. Waha se karo”.

Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif

Below have a look at the video and along with netizens’ reactions:

@singhsoni89 “This is crazy! Don’t go crazy people. She’s a human too. It’s so scary when male fan get crazy like that. I feel scared for her.”

@amita.infinity “Don’t blame her guys … She is also a human being … She has her own space. Own privacy. .. we should respect them.. they work so much … Respect them.”

@mjolnirarrived “I can only imagine how scary that must be for Kat! 2 types of fans: Type 1: Politely asks for a picture in an appropriate situation, respecting the celeb and staffs time. Type 2: Hounds the celeb and just starts shoving a phone in their face. They are not inanimate objects or statues. You probably wouldn’t feel so good if someone did that to you, so why do it to others? Be type 1.”

@analashassaikia “Of course seeing your favorite celeb and becoming super excited is necessary but going insane and attacking that person is not okay! But absolutely love the way Katrina handled the situation with so much ease!”

she❤❤she still gave him the permission to click a selfie a queen❤❤.” Needless to mention that the mishap shouldn’t have happened, but fans are totally in awe of Katrina!

Well Done! Katrina! Keep it Up!


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