Katrina Kaif Shares How She Got Over Her Breakup With Ranbir Kapoor

Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor fell for each other on the sets of Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani and after a 6-year relationship, broke up back in 2016. While there are rumors of Alia and Ranbir’s wedding date being decided, Kat says she’s very much single and has a single focus i.e. her work.

During a sitting with Filmfare she shared that what all she went through post-breakup. She said,

“Maybe, a lot of things have changed for me personally and professionally. After my last relationship ended, I was forced to analyse many things about myself and my life and the way I was living it. Whatever was supposed to happen, happened. Everything happens for a reason.”

Kat Was Heartbroken And Shares That How She Got Over Her Breakup With Ranbir

She further said,

 “I remember I was getting on a plane to shoot Baar Baar Dekho in Thailand. It was January. There was a repetitive thought going on in my head. When you get stuck on something, it’s deeply disturbing. It doesn’t leave you alone. It was bad. It was sad. I wondered how could something trouble you to this level?”

“That phase made me read a lot. I wanted to understand how we human beings function. On one particular night, my attitude and approach to the world opened up again. Some things can still upset you. But that’s fine. I face it. I stare at the ghost in the room until it just fades away. When something triggers an emotion, I let it happen.”

“Like one day I came across something, which I kept pushing away. But it hurt me and bothered me. While I was doing yoga, my teacher asked, “Are you okay?” I said I was fine. She said, “But you’re crying.” I had actually begun crying. It had to come out. Now, I don’t try to push things away. I stare at them. What you resist, persists.”

It seems that Kat seems to have learnt the lesson of her life that what all happens, happens for good and there is a teaching in every happening. You just need to find that something to learn from it for the future that is there ahead waiting for you.


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