Here’s Which Bollywood Actress Inspired Katrina Kaif’s Look in Bharat

Bharat Katrina Kaif

Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif starrer Bharat trailer went public a few days ago. And it left everyone impressed. It’s makers also revealed the first song, Slow Motion featuring Disha Patani and that too struck a chord with the audience. Bharat is the journey of a man’s life spread over a period of 6 decades. So, it is predictable that Salman will be seen sporting six varied looks through 6 decades of his life. Alongside him will age his lady love in the film, Katrina Kaif. During an interview recently, her stylist Veera Kapur spoke in detail about her drastic transformation for the film. She said,

“We watched many old films and looked at images of yesteryear Bollywood actresses, like Nutan. Katrina also loved the idea of having curls. She thought it would create an image different from her previous characters.”

Katrina Kaif Bharat

How did she transform Kat into an older woman? Veera replied,

“We used prosthetics to show the ageing process. While Katrina sports a chiselled jawline in the younger portions, we made it less defined as the story progressed. In the latter portions, you can see her with fuller cheeks, under-eye wrinkles and grey hair.”

“It would take us about two hours to attain the look. We also conveyed her maturity by the use of different fabrics. In the young portions, she is seen wearing delicate chiffon sarees, and as the character ages, she gravitates towards deep-hued cotton sarees.”

“Ali’s (Director, Abbas Zafar) brief was that he wanted Katrina to look simple. It wasn’t much of a toil because, in person, she prefers a minimalistic look.”

Film’s director Ali Abbas had also something to say about this. He said,

“Katrina will also be shown in an older role like Salman as they journey through the different time frames together. You have never seen her like this before. She has given a fabulous performance and shines through the film. We have flown in a prosthetics team from abroad for both Salman and Katrina for their various looks including the bit where both are aged. While Salman would sometimes get restless as we had to try his various looks, Katrina was extremely patient.”

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