Katrina Kaif Reveals She Would Jump at Deepika Padukone’s Role in The Movie…

For Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan’s Bharat, Salman says that the former deserves a National award. Whether this claim becomes a reality or not, that is a topic for later but for now, when it comes to Kat, she is choosing the strongest characters to portray in her films. In a recent sitting with TOI, she shared that she would jump at it, if this film of Deepika Padukone is offered to her. Do you want to know the film’s name? Read below for more details.

Yes, this is Deepika’s Home Production Biopic: Chhapaak. Katrina said in detail,

“Today, I see Babita Kumari (Her character in ‘Zero’) as a character; whether she is the protagonist or not isn’t important. I see Kumud as a heroic character. Tomorrow, if a role like what Deepika (Padukone) is doing in ‘Chhapaak’ is offered to me, I would jump at it.”

Kat has something for strong scripts in her. She said,

“But you have to choose from what is offered to you. Out of what is offered to me, I am choosing the strongest characters as well as what seems right for me. But it’s not that ‘Oh! I am in a female-centric film, so that automatically makes it a good character’. What’s the emotional graph of the character? Is it well-written? Does it have a proper arc? All these questions have to be answered. I can sign five female-centric films tonight, but the stories may not be correct. I look for those flaws in the script. You have to have a strong script to take it up.”

Katrina Kaif Deepika Padukone

When asked about the genre she would like to explore, she said,

“I would like to do a biopic or a sports film. I also want to do something more in the action space, or a film like Gone Girl, which is in the psychological thriller space.”

Katrina’s last project Zero fell flat at box-office and has given thoughts to Shahrukh to go on a sabbatical for a while. But Kat’s acting skills were praised despite all that.


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