Katrina Kaif Opens Up About Her Break Up With Ranbir Kapoor

The leading lady of the Salman Khan starrer Bharat, Katrina Kaif finally opened up about her break up with Ranbir Kapoor. She is best known for being one of the strongest women in the film industry. She is worth an applause when it comes to the way she handled her emotional crisis, without letting her work being affected. She’s currently busy with promotions of her upcoming film, Bharat.

During a F2F with Mumbai Mirror, Kat spoke in detail about her breakup with Ranbir and also what was her mother’s reaction to this situation. She also came out with clear facts that why Alia Bhatt’s current relationship with Ranbir, doesn’t bother her much.

Katrina confessed honestly that she broke herself while she was undergoing a breakup with Ranbir. These were her exact words,

“I had to break before I could proceed to rebuild myself. I had to unravel and feel everything that had happened. I had to take full responsibility for my part in the equation, what I could and should have done better.”

Moving ahead, she also shared her mom’s reaction to this situation. Her words were,

“And accept that the parts that I was not responsible for were not my problem. One thought that helped me when I was at my lowest was something my mom told me, “So many girls and women go through the same thing, you feel you are alone, but you are not.” That thought was very comforting.”

On being asked that did this breakup changed anything in her, she shared that she has always been an emotional person and a sensitive soul. She added,

“I’m not going to lose that or change that for anyone. But what I have learnt is that as a woman, you must protect and maintain your identity.”

On whether Ranbir and Alia being together changes anything for her. She said,

“I have a separate equation with Ranbir and Alia which I maintain regardless of anything else. They have their own place in my life and as individuals, I have great warmth and regard for both. When I meet them, I behave the way I feel for them.”


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