Katrina Kaif Opens Up On Why Bharat is a Very Special Film For Her

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif have a long past when it comes to sharing screen space. This jodi has given many blockbuster films till date and are also considered one of the most loved jodis of the Bollywood. Now repeating the history, the couple will be once again seen romancing each other in Ali Abbas Zafar’s Bharat. In a recent F2F, Ali had confessed that it was a tough job for him to write love scenes for the on-screen couple as they have romanced each other a lot of times in the past. And creating something new and different than what has already been seen in the past was an arduous task.

In a live Twitter Q & A session conducted by Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and Ali Abbas Zafar, the female cast member revealed why Bharat is a special film for her, her working experience with Sunil Grover, the most challenging portion from the film and much more. She said,

“What’s special about the film is the way Ali has written Bharat and Kumud’s character. After the kind of films that me and Salman have already done together, I still felt when I saw the film that there was a completely different dynamics which he was able to bring in the film between the characters. I think that’s not easy to do because we have done quite a few films together. The way the characters are so unique, the way it comes together and the scale of the film, the emotion, heart, and soul of the film, the soul. These are few reasons why it’s very special.”

Katrina Kaif Bharat

About the most challenging portion from the film, Kat said, playing the role of an older woman.

“As a person, my mind and body language is very fast. We talk fast in today’s day and age. We think fast. It was really important to just kind of slow down and be very still in your mind. You are also not that worried at that age because most of the tension about the future is gone away by that time. So, you are lot more peaceful in your mind.”

And finally, about her working experience with Sunil Grover, she added,

“There were a few days where on the set on the mornings, the call times would perhaps be 8 am and Sunilji and me would be on the set. We would be waiting just for a very short time for sometimes when Salman would come. So in those hours when we were waiting, we actually got a chance to have some incredible conversation. That’s when I first got to know Sunilji and I realized that he’s incredibly a knowledgeable person. Of course, he’s funny. But he’s actually got such incredible knowledge about culture, books, and so many things. You can just talk to him on any topic. He was really wonderful person to spend time with.”


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