Kartik Aaryan is Strictly Against Self Medication

Bollywood Newbie: Kartik Aaryan posted an important message on the dangers of self-medicating to deal with coronavirus.

Bollywood celebrities have taken this as both their duty and responsibility to spread awareness and the right information about the Coronavirus crisis. Kartik Aaryan, who to date has been sharing funny videos about the situation to lighten the mood, recently shared an important message about self-medication.

The Pati Patni Aur Woh actor reposted a message about the harm one can inflict upon himself after self-medicating. He urged every one of his fans to seek medical attention if they show symptoms of COVID-19, and not to listen to anyone apart from healthcare experts.

His message read,

“Dear All, It is my sincerest request to all those who are Covid Positive/Covid Negative & discharged/ families of those in the hospital or anyone who has access to information in hospitals regarding what’s going on… PLEASE do not share information regarding medication on social media or in interviews. Please use your platform and words carefully.”

Kartik had more to say,

“For those who are listening to heads of state of different countries and celebrities speaking about specific medications, please understand that the ONLY person you should follow is your doctor. Please DO NOT self medicate under any circumstance. There has been loss of life due to this. I was in the hospital, I know that doctors do not use a one size fits all approach to treat us. When given any medication, we are very closely monitored, for any adverse side effects. Medication should be taken under the guidance and supervision of doctors.”

Kartik completed his request with words that read,

“I cannot stress this enough: If you are feeling any symptoms, please stay calm and visit an authorized hospital to get help.”

Kartik posted his message on Instagram with the caption,

“Very Important Msg !! Self Medication especially HydroxyChloroquine can be very very Risky !! People have lost their lives due to self medication. Let’s be Responsible and well Informed 🙏🏻… #Repost @sumitisingh I have seen some interviews and posts recently and hence am reaching out with the following msg…. #covidindia,” (sic).

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