Kartik Aaryan Goes Clean Shaved & Gets Trolled Mercilessly

Recently, Kartik Aaryan was spotted at Mumbai airport, but things were different with him this time. He had a clean shaven look and since his clean-shaven look went public on social media, he became a subject of trolling on social media, with most of his fans saying that he looks weird. For past days, the actor was shooting for Imtiaz Ali’s upcoming movie in Udaipur. The movie that has a release date coinciding with Valentine Day’s in 2020 i.e. next year will cast Sara Ali Khan as his lady love and Randeep Hooda as his love guru.

Kartik Aaryan

Ironically, Sara has publicly admitted her crush on Kartik on Karan Johar’s celebrity show, prior to this Bollywood project of the pair. Seeing Kartik for the very first time in this clean-shaven look, netizens comments online were not very encouraging for Kartik. Below are some of the posts:

Arushipaikane: “Overhyped and overrated ! I feel there are hundred others in the Bombay Suburb who look better than him and can act as well!! He looks like any other Mira Road guy #thankyounext.”

adnan_qureshi_786: “Kartik looking not so smart without beard😂😂😂.”  onlymee_101: “He looks older 😂 that’s weird.”

Kartik Aaryan

While some fans posted comments to the discouragement of Kartik, there were also some of his fans who took his side and stood by him in defense. Below are some of the comments that may bring some respite to Kartik if haves a look concerning this matter on social media.

shagun8631: “Dear trollers…..first see urself in the mirror then comment on others…u r not bloody perfect😒 respect and love others then only u will get it in return🙏.”  indirashams_: “He is actually so exhausted. bechara..you can see it on his face ❤.”

@iam_keertisharma shared this picture from Udaipur and captioned the picture as saying, “Didn’t tried #poselikekartikaaryan but posing with @kartikaaryan is no less than a dream😍 This man deserves all the love…♥️♥️ Punchnama Baby, Sonu, Guddu….and many more to come. The smile on my face is expressing everything.”

After reading all this, the final judgment that comes out is that a major part of Kartik’s fans are not ready for a change when it comes to his look.


Gaurav Gupta

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