Kareena Kapoor Khan Took Mallika Sherawat To Task Over Her S*X Scenes & Her Remark On Raj Kapoor!

Kareena Kapoor Khan is one Bollywood celebrity who is known for her outspoken words. Whenever she talks she doesn’t mince her words. According to her, there shouldn’t be any diplomacy in her statements. We are bringing for you an old interview of Kareena Kapoor, wherein the actress had slammed Mallika Sherawat over her sex scenes in Murder & her remarks on Raj Kapoor.

An Interview Where Kareena Kapoor Khan Took Mallika Sherawat To Task Over Her S*X Scenes & Her Remark On Raj Kapoor!

Reason Why Kareena Had Criticised Murder Film

In a F2F with Syed Firdaus Ashraf, Kareena talked about criticising Mallika Sherawat’s Murder & said,

“That was a publicity stunt from them [the makers of Murder]. It was ridiculous. I saw the film and said it was nice. I just felt that there was too much overexposure.”

Kareena’s Take On S3x Scenes

She further added,

“When trade people saw Chameli, they were like, “Arre Chameli mein thoda sex missing tha [there wasn’t enough sex appeal in Chameli]. They don’t understand that in Pyaasa, Waheedaji [Rehman] was not doing sex scenes [either]. I am sorry, you cannot expect Raj Kapoor’s granddaughter to do those kind of scenes.”

Kareena Slammed Mallika

During the same interaction, when Kareena was told that Mallika Sherawat had said that Raj Kapoor’s heroines were also exposed, she slammed Mallika for her words. Kareena said,

“She doesn’t realise what she is talking about.

She made a laughing stock of herself. She is talking about a legend. Raj Kapoor always presented a woman gracefully and tastefully.”

What Kareena Feels On Being Called Arrogant

It is a common thing that outspoken people are often tagged as ‘arrogant’. Kareena is no exception. When Kareena was asked about this tag of hers, she said,

“My self-confidence was looked upon as arrogance. That has changed. That image is passé. I know many journalists who share their work problems with me. They have become good friends. I am a normal girl.”

Talking to work, Kareena has 3 films lined up for the release – Good Newwzz, Takht & Lal Singh Chaddha.


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