Karan Johar & Ranveer Singh Knew The Answer To Rs 1 Crore KBC Question. All Thanks To ‘Takht’

Karan Johar made an announcement on his Twitter handle that he knew the answer to Rs 1 crore question in KBC, all thanks to his upcoming: Takht.

This season Kaun Banega Crorepati gave us another surprising episode with yet another contestant coming closer to take home Rs. 1 crore. But unfortunately, he could not take it home. 19-year-old trainee pilot Himanshu Dhuria made a wise decision to let go of Rs. 1 crore and settle for Rs. 50 lakhs which he had already won.

The question posed by the host Amitabh Bachchan, that forced Himanshu to let go of Rs. 1 crore and settle for Rs. 50 lakhs was,

“Whose Persian translation of several Upanishads is known as the ‘Sirr-e-Akbar’?”

The 4 options to this question were:

  • Abul Fazal,
  • Shah Wallulah Dehlvi,
  • Dara Shikoh and
  • Ahmad al-Sirhindi.

For those who are uninitiated, the answer to this question, which Himanshu was unable to answer, was Dara Shikoh. Both Karan Johar and Ranveer Singh knew the answer as they are already working on a movie: Takht based on Dara’s character.

Karan’s Tweet Read:

“I knew the 1 crore answer!!!!!! #DARASHIKOH and so would you have @RanveerOfficial #TAKHT.”

Karan Johar Ranveer Singh Takht
Karan Johar Ranveer Singh Takht

Dara Shikoh being a liberal-minded & unorthodox Muslim as opposed to the orthodox Aurangzeb. He had a difference of opinion with Aurangzeb and favored mutual co-existence of people of all religions & this was the main reason that prompted Aurangzeb to get rid of him. Karan Johar’s directorial Takht, too, is focusing on this aspect of Dara’s life.

He was delegated with the title Padshahzada-i-Buzurg Martaba (“Prince of High Rank”) & was supported for the position of successor both by his father & his older sister: Princess Jahanara Begum. In the war of succession that happened after Shah Jahan’s illness in 1657, Dara was defeated by his younger brother Prince Muhiuddin (later, Emperor Aurangzeb). He was executed in 1659 on Aurangzeb’s orders in a bitter struggle for the imperial throne.


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