Karan Johar Tweets His Inability To Act As A Peacemaker Between Akshay Kumar-Rohit Shetty

Karan Johar went to his Twitter & shared his take on Akshay Kumar & Rohit Shetty’s hilarious fallout video on the sets of ‘Sooryavanshi’.

Last Tuesday, ‘Sooryavanshi’ cast member, Akshay Kumar used his social media to share a video in which he is seen getting into a physical fight with Rohit Shetty. He did this job after rumors started doing rounds both the actor and the director had a fallout on the sets of their upcoming film, Sooryavanshi.

Karan Johar Akshay Kumar Rohit Shetty
Karan Johar Akshay Kumar Rohit Shetty

Katrina Kaif who wanted to have some fun shot the video, followed by Akshay captioning it with the words,

“#BreakingNews – A fallout which might just make your day @itsrohitshetty @katrinakaif”

The rumors also reported that the co-producer of Sooryavanshi, Karan Johar tried to act as a mediator between Akshay & Rohit. KJo took to his Twitter & quote tweeted Akshay’s tweet stating,

“this is something even I can’t mediate!!!! @akshaykumar #RohitShetty #KatrinaKaif”

Have a look at Karan’s reply below:


Giving some details about all this fallout, a source had told Bollywood Hungama,

“There are icy vibes between the lead actor and the director as they don’t talk to each other on the sets of Sooryavanshi. Apparently, Akshay and Rohit have major problems with each other and to such a degree that they have stopped talking to each other. There were massive creative differences on the script and the way the movie was being shot which apparently led to a showdown between both one day. Since that day they don’t talk to each other but communicate on the sets through the assistant directors who explain the shots to Akshay before filming.”

This source further shared,

“Rohit and Akshay will not promote the film together. At the most, they may come together for the promo launch only. But interviews and promotions they won’t be doing together. Apparently, relations have soured so much between them that one day, Karan Johar had to be called on the sets to intervene and sort things out. He is playing the mediator to make sure that the project gets completed on time.”



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