Kapil Dev In Ranveer Singh’s Biopic. Kapil’s Fans Fear For His Good

Ever since the moment, a picture of Kapil Dev in a colorful trouser went viral on the Internet, his fans can’t stop making memes on him and Ranveer Singh. It is a very well known fact now that Ranveer Singh is playing the lead role in ‘83, a sports drama centered on the 1983 Cricket World Cup win by then Indian captain Kapil Dev and his boys.

Kapil Dev In Ranveer Singh’s Biopic. Kapil’s Fans Fear For His Good
Ranveer Singh And Kapil Dev

And now Kapil Dev fans claim that he will star in Ranveer Singh’s Biopic.

Wondering why so? Have a look for yourself!


Meanwhile, ‘83 is set to hit the silver screens on April 10, 2020.

Talking about stepping into Kapil Dev’s shoes, just a few days back, Ranveer Singh had said,

“I’m hoping to become his shadow. I will follow him wherever he goes and try to pick as much as possible from him. I hope to get some tips on bowling and batting from the man himself. I have never done this before. This will be a first for me, a unique process of spending time with the person I play on screen.”

To bring in more reality to the silver screen, Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh’s real-life soulmate is being cast as her spouse on-screen i.e. Kapil Dev cum Ranveer Singh’s on-screen spouse in ‘83.

It is not something new that social media has been used to sit behind the screen with a hidden face and making uninvited comments, that are more often making fun of someone and containing less of appreciation. This kind of practice is a global phenomenon.

And when it comes to biopics, ’83 is not a stand-alone biopic that is set to hit the silver screen. Seeing their financial prospects a lot of biopics have been made in the past and a lot more are in the pipeline. It could be said that it is raining biopics.

But filmmakers shall resist from overdoing it, so that it does not become an overused concept.


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