Kangana Ranaut Reveals Padmaavat Was First Offered to Her

Kangana Ranaut comes out with answers on why she rejected Deepika Padukone’s Padmaavat and attracts possible reprimand from Rani Mukerji

In an Interview with a leading newspaper, Kangana revealed her reasons for not doing Padmaavat. She told that Sanjay Leela Bhansali narrated him the script, but due to her dates being reserved for Manikarnika, she couldn’t say yes. She also said that she was asked to do a Ram-Leela song alongside saying some good words about Sanjay’s talents leaving a strong impression on him.

Kangana Ranaut Padmaavat

She didn’t stop there and went ahead with an unprompted criticism for Rani’s Black saying that the skill set that was required to do Black, is definitely present with her too and nothing much was big about that. She applauded herself by saying that, she is a self-taught actress, always curious and eager to learn. She credited this part of her personality to Arvind Gaur, with whom she did work during her theatre days.

Kangana Ranaut's Invitation to Controversy

She further appraised Anurag Basu for having no issues with conveying what she had inside to the outside world. He was very fond of this ability of hers, to portray any given emotion the very next moment it had been demonstrated to her. She said these words from Anurag were important for her, especially when he said during his entire career, he has met a lot of young actors, some of which are big names today. But he rejected them because they lacked a particular skill which Kangana has.

To give an illustration, Kangana gave an instance of her Best Selling Movie: Queen that came in 2014, that required more internal strength and less of body language. Kangana concluded with comments that every project has something to teach an individual actor. All these comments seem more of a publicity stunt to ask for much desired attention in the film industry.


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