Kangana Ranaut Launches Attack On Diljit Dosanjh and Priyanka Chopra, Says ‘Whole World Is Laughing At Us’ ‘This Is What You Wanted’

Kangana Ranaut has once again erupted and this time it is because of the violent demonstration during a tractor rally in Delhi. This time, her anger is inflicted on Diljit Dosanjh and the violent protesters. Kangana Ranaut has expressed her anger on Wednesday morning by tweeting one after the other.

Kangana Rananut has compared peasant protesters to those protesting against CAA. The photo that Kangana Ranaut had shared said that there is no difference between the two. With this, Kangana wrote in her post that the message is clear that no good change will be allowed in this country, terrorism will decide the future of our country and not our government.

In his next tweet, she tagged Diljit Dosanjh and said this is what he wanted. ‘This is not a tight slap on @diljitdosanjh face this is what he wanted. He got what he wanted and this nation gave him this on a platter.’

Kangana wrote in her next tweet, “This is the gandagi for bollywood needs to be cleaned immediately. Slyly hiding behind the garb of entertainment and provoking terrorism and violence, put them in jail if there is even an iota of law n order left in this country these termites are eating away the bones of Bharat.’

Kangana Ranaut

Let us tell you, Kangana Ranaut took a dig at Diljit Dosanjh and Priyanka Chopra for the farmers’ tractor rally. Kangana tweeted, “You need to explain it. The whole world is laughing at us today. This is what you guys wanted. Congratulations.’ Earlier, Kangana had expressed her anger about the violence during the tractor rally of farmers by posting a tweet.

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