Kangana Ranaut Again Takes a Shot at Karan Johar, Says He & His Gang Began a Campaign Against Me

Reading our reports to date, you must have got a perfect idea that Kangana Ranaut and controversies go hand-in-hand. Both she and her sister Rangoli Chandel make explosive statements every now and then in public. Their most used tool for this target hunting is their Twitter page. You can expect anyone to be on their hit list, first, it was Mahesh Bhatt followed by Hrithik Roshan and now it is Karan Johar’s turn.

All the social media is well aware about Kangana’s ‘war-of-words with Karan Johar on ‘nepotism’ that has been going on till date. Now she has begun Round 2 of this fight. During a recent sitting with Mumbai Mirror, when asked about the controversy around her last release ‘Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi’.

Kangana Ranaut Again Takes A Shot At Karan Johar

Kangana spoke about her Infamous Viral Wooden Horse Video. She shared,

“I know who released that video. Two other actors of the nepotism gang were also learning horse-riding at the same place as me. They practiced for one day and got so sore that they didn’t return. I was galloping and doing all sorts of stunts. The wooden horse was only used for close-up shots. Just because they cannot ride a horse they got jealous of me and released the video.”

She shared that people were made to speak against her. Her words in exact were,

“I rode a horse in Rangoon too, it’s not new for me. Mishti said she was asked to speak up, but who is making her speak? It’s all about ganging up against me. Sonu and I share a personal trainer. Again, situations were manipulated to force people to speak against me.”

Kangana Ranaut Again Takes A Shot At Karan Johar

She took Karan Johar to task for all these happenings. Her words were,

“Some trade experts were forced to show our film’s collections as half of the actual numbers. All the people who pretend that they don’t have PRs send the maximum number of mails against others.

“One smear campaign was started by Karan Johar’s gang against me by paying reviewers. When I talk about it, people think I sound like a loony character, but what option am I left with?”

She said that her sister & manager Rangoli Chandel tells her that people have taken advantage of my absence on social media. She further said,

“In my past relationships I never made videos and even that went against me… Today, everything must be proved with photos and videos. How do I become a person who records and documents everything, so no one questions me tomorrow? I can’t live like that, it’s strange.”

Kangana Ranaut Rangoli Hrithik Roshan

About her reaction to her sister’s tweets making it to headlines every now and then. Kangana says,

“When Rangoli was in Mumbai, she wanted her social environment to be pleasant, she has a family and her husband was working in the city at the time. Now, she has no f**ks to give and I like that kind of freedom. I don’t sit on her head and tell her what she should say. She is her own person and she has quietly observed all these industry people. Being an ostrich, keeping our eyes shut, has not helped us at all. So now she is completely at it. (laughs)”



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