Kangana Ranaut Answers That Would She Do If She Wakes Up As Hrithik Roshan

It seems that Kangana Ranaut isn’t one of those Bollywood citizens who forgive easily. Very recently while attending a public event, Kangana took a dig at Hrithik Roshan when posed with a question that what would she do if she woke up as the Super 30 actor.

It has been a long while since Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan‘s tussle in Bollywood began. Till date, she is definitely in no mood to let anybody forget about her ‘silly ex’. Kangana once again spoke her mind about Hrithik Roshan at a recently held event.

Kangana Ranaut Hrithik Roshan
Kangana Ranaut Hrithik Roshan

While she was attending India Today Mind Rocks Delhi 2019, the actress was asked about what would she do if she woke up as Hrithik Roshan. Nobody was surprised with her response, that diverts back to their past and on-going tussle. Kangana replied that if she woke up as Hrithik, she would call Kangana.

She didn’t stop at that, it was like she was waiting for such a question to be asked to her. She said,

“I will call Kangana and tell her that I am sorry for what I did.”

Kangana is till date expecting an apology from Hrithik Roshan for stating that he would rather ‘date a pope’.

Talking about this Hrithik-Kangana battle. We will give our readers an insight into it so that they can better understand the situation. It all began 3 years ago i.e. back in 2016 when Kangana called the Super 30 ‘silly ex’ for picking either Kangana or himself in a movie.

After her comment, Hrithik tweeted that he would rather date a pope than the actress the media mentions. Hrithik didn’t stop at that, he followed it with a defamation notice and Kangana avenged this by leaking email conversations between them. The case was handed over to the cyber cell and was soon termed inconclusive.

To be precise all these hit backs at each other by Bollywood citizens is a part of the film industry relationships. And controversies are a time-proven money-making tool.


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