Kangana Ranaut And Her Top 7 Controversies You can’t Miss 

Kangana Ranaut Controversies:

There’s no denying the fact that Kangana Ranaut is a hard-working and dedicated person. She is known to have given back to back blockbusters in the Industry, and not only that through her films she has tried to revive the patriotic and historic cultures of our country. But despite all that, her name is often seen next to the word “controversy”. She might have achieved great success in her professional career but her outspoken nature has led to some serious and shocking revelations. Here are the top 7 controversies of the “queen” of Bollywood.

 1. Aditya Assualt Allegation

Bollywood Actors Who Had Extramarital Affairs

There was a time when Kangana was dating Aditya Pancholi. After many years she revealed how badly Aditya used to treat her while they were in “Love”. She accused Aditya of assaulting her and keeping her under house arrest for many months. She even said that she was just 17 at that time and he even hit her on her face. She later said that she has filed a police complaint against him.

 2. Hrithik Roshan Controversy

Ranbir Kapoor Kangana Ranaut

This one will literally shock everyone to the core as Kangana accused Hrithik of cheating her and keeping her as her “mistress”. Their fight with each other kept on getting ugly with each passing day. She even shared her email chats with the actor which came out to be really shocking and personal. Things became uglier when both of them filed a lawsuit against each other.

 3. Black Magic Controversy

Another strange controversy was when Kangana’s ex Adhyayan Suman accused Kangana of performing black magic on him. He said, “I was emotionally badgered because of my relationship. Kangana only knows how to use, abuse, and throw. I have remained silent on her abusive nature for so many years, but she is crossing all limits now. Since I haven’t been taking her calls, her aides have been calling my mother and harassing her.”

 4. Nepotism

Kangana Ranaut Karan Johar

The discussion on Nepotism began when Kangana appeared on Koffee with Karan, where she claimed that Karan Johar is the Flagbearer of Nepotism. Soon after SSR’s unfortunate demise, Kangana again spoke about how injustice and cruel “Nepo Kids’ are.

 5. Movie Mafia

She was probably the first actress in Bollywood who spoke against the Movie Mafia of the industry. She claimed that Bollywood movie Mafia runs the industry and that it’s somehow linked to SSR’s death.

 6. Drug Industry

After the CBI probe into the SSR’s death, a lot of shocking revelation came into the limelight. Usage of the drug is one of them. Kangana took to twitter and demanded that  A-List actors to take a drug test as they are inspiring the young minds of our Nation.

 7. Mumbai is PoK

Recently, a lot of happened after Kangana tweeted and criticized the Maharashtra government and she even compared Mumbai to Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir. The actress has been getting a lot of hate because of it. She even claimed that BMC had demolished her property without there being any violations.

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