Here’s The Reason Why Kangana Ranaut is Cast in Jayalalitha Biopic

Kangana Ranaut is everywhere on the news, be it because of her controversial statements for her peers like Alia Bhatt, Aamir Khan or Ranbir Kapoor, or be it because of her upcoming projects like Jayalalitha biopic. On her 32nd birthday, she announced that her next project would be late actor-turned-politician’s biopic for which she apparently will be paid 24 crores, making her the highest paid actress in Bollywood.

Kangana has already started prepping for her role as she is taking lessons to learn Bharatnatyam and Tamil language. The movie is known to be bilingual so far, will be called Jaya in Hindi and Thalaivi in Tamil. Recently, in a media conversation, the director of the movie A.L. Vijay talked about how the team came to cast Kangana for the role. He revealed,

“You can’t restrict Jayalalithaa to one region, she was a national leader. Even in Mumbai, people know who Amma is. Kangana (Ranaut) is one of the biggest stars in India today. I think it is right that a top star plays the role of an important politician. This way, the story will also reach audiences across India.”

Calling the movie a PAN India film, the director further disclosed,

“We consider this a pan-Indian film, not a regional one. There was a lot of discussion before the decision was made to cast Kangana; we met several people as well. She is extremely excited about the project and wants to portray her with utmost honesty.”

Kangana Ranaut

Vijay then went on to talk about Kangana’s preparations for the role and said,

“She will learn Tamil for the film and also be part of a one-month workshop to get into the character. We are all trying to make an honest biopic. That’s all I can say at this point of time,”

Kangana Ranaut also opened about how the script of the movie served as a revelation and completely changed her opinion of Jayalalitha which was sort of different than the image she carried in the media. Kangana told an entertainment portal,

Kangana Ranaut

“It presented an image of her that was contrary to the one I had in my mind, so I asked for some time to think over the film during which I read up some more on her and was blown away by what I learnt. It’s a story that needs to be told and I am happy to be telling it even though she was the absolute opposite of me.”

Adding to that, she revealed further that Kangana has fairly contrasting personality to that of Jayalalitha.

“She was far more docile and refined in her demeanour, more sophisticated in her choice of words and always ladylike no matter what she was going through. But if you tried to run her down, she would always bounce back. She’s risen over every controversy and adversity and I could identify with that spirit though our styles of expression were very different,”

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