Kangana Wants to Know Why Bollywood Bigwigs Are Avoiding Her Queries

Manikarnika actress, Kangana Ranaut, wants to know why powerful people from Bollywood are refraining from answering the questionnaire that she has put forward in public domain so that the truth related to Sushant Singh Rajput’s death comes out at the earliest. Kangana was responding to a tweet by BJP Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy in which he said that,

“The Mumbai Movie Mafia has decided to dump a female actress so that potentially a murder case becomes a quarrel case”.

Ever since Sushant Singh Rajput died by suicide leaving behind no suicide note, Kangana Ranaut has been at the forefront of the nepotism debate. This time she has made a new allegation. Kangana’s team through Twitter raised a question saying that why the Bollywood Bigwigs are avoiding giving answers to the questions raised by her.

“Kangana always said movie mafia won’t dirty their hands with our blood, they r too shrewd to stake their own lives & careers, Kangana in front of the whole nation named 4 most powerful people & charged them with abetment of suicide, not a single one refuted her allegations.”

Have a look at the tweet below:

Kangana Bollywood Queries
Kangana Bollywood Queries

In another tweet, Kangana shared,

“instead people like Sawara, Sonu, taapsee pannu and many others mysteriously appear and start talking about 10-12 year old video so those 4 can be protected from the burden of answering her questions, they love scapegoats.”

In one other tweet that was referred to by Mumbai Police, Kangana wrote,

“Questions still remain the same 1) Why YRF banned Sushant? 2) Why did Karan Johar promise the Sushant trilogy instead dumped his film online? 3) Whey mafia media portrayed Sushant as a drug addict and rapist and a flop actor? …(1/2) #ShameOnMumbaiPolice.”

Have a look at the tweet below:

Kangana Bollywood Queries
Kangana Bollywood Queries

Kangana didn’t stop at that and further added,

“Many people are trying to portray Sushant as a mental Majnu, for a girl he committed suicide, people close to him say Sushant was most ambitious man, his career was everything for him. They killed his career and choked his ambitions. Bloodthirsty vulture gold diggers came only when his mind was already vulnerable and broken. #ShameOnMumbaiPolice.”



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