Kajol Once Had a Crush on Akshay Kumar, Reveals Karan Johar on The Kapil Sharma Show

Yesterday’s episode of The Kapil Sharma Show was nothing less than a firecracker, for Karan Johar who is known for brewing controversies by inviting guests to Koffee, this time had taken over the Kapil’s couch. Along with him, his best friend, Kajol graced the show and the two were at their candid best.

Karan Johar, in a conversation with the host Kapil, revealed that Kajol once had a massive crush on Akshay Kumar. Kajol and Akshay Kumar had worked together in ‘Yeh Dillagi’. He revealed,

“I met Kajol at another party, at the premiere of Henna movie. Kajol had a big crush on Akshay Kumar and was looking for him at the entire premiere and I was her support then. So both of us were looking for him at the entire event. While we didn’t find Akshay, but it was the beginning of our friendship. Both of us stayed in South Mumbai and that’s where our friendship developed further.”

They have been friends since then. Though Karan was all praises for Kajol throughout the show, he did not forget to pull Kajol’s legs for not remembering his birthday ever. He added,

“We have been friends for so long, but she never remembers my birthday. She will either call a day in advance or a day later, but never on my birthday,”

Spilling the beans further, when he was asked to appoint Ministers from Bollywood, he said Kareena Kapoor would be perfect to head Ministry of Gossip Affairs. He also disclosed that there is a reason the Kapoor brother-sister duo are known to be the gossip mongers of Bollywood.

Johar revealed that Kareena calls her PR agency for gossip every morning and then gives a confirmation call to KJo. And then it travels to her brother Ranbir Kapoor who, if needed, broadcasts the information in no time. He was quoted as saying,

“She wakes up and calls her PR team for the day’s gossip. Then, she calls me up to confirm them. If we need to broadcast the news, we should give it to Ranbir (Kapoor). He’ll have it published in the papers in two days.”

Moving further he also named Akshay Kumar to be the Minister of Health, owing to his fitness and discipline and picked Varun Dhawan to be the Minister of Social Media. He said,

“I know his handles are managed by him and not his team. I can tell from the grammatical mistakes he makes.” And when it came to choosing a ‘House Party Minister’, he obviously took his name just as anyone else would have. He said, “I can handle this.”

It was a super fun episode with just the two of them sharing interesting incidents and details about each other and how their friendship stood the test of time. If you haven’t watched the episode, watch it on the SonyLiv App or website. Keep watching this space for more updates.


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