Junglee Trailer Features Vidyut Jammval Protecting The Animal Kingdom

Finally! the wait is over as the first Junglee trailer of the Junglee Pictures’ family action film which stars Vidyut Jammwal as the lead is out now and we can say that it is every bit worth the wait. The trailer is proof of the fact that the film is all packed with emotions and action with a drop of romance. Helmed by Chuck Russell, this movie is going to be a treat for the entire family.

Junglee Trailer Vidyut Jammwal

The trailer of the film offers some beautiful sights of the unique bond that is cast between a little boy named Raj and a baby elephant named Bhola. They grow up together in the middle of the paddy fields and flourishing green surroundings that will leave you feeling mesmerized. The trailer shows the little boy that is grown up to be a vet, and the baby elephant has also grown up to a mighty tusker, who now leads his herd.

Junglee Trailer Vidyut Jammwal

Moreover, the joy and happiness of coming back home do not last long for Raj as he discovers a poaching racket penetrating within the jungles, and their target is now set on Bhola, his dearest friend. Now at this point of time, the character of Vidyut follows his instinct and goes on the road of difficulties just to protect the entire animal kingdom and his friend Bhola, living inside the jungle. You can only just sit and watch in astonishment that how this one-man-army turns to be a storm to save his best friend Bhola from a loitering threat that undoubtedly has its claws rooted deep within the system.

Junglee Trailer Vidyut Jammawal

The official synopsis of the movie says,

“Junglee is a family-adventure film, the story revolves around Vidyut Jammwal’s character – a vet, who on his homecoming to his father’s elephant reserve, encounters and fights an international poachers racket.”

Junglee Trailer Vidyut Jammwal

The lead, Vidyut Jammwal talks about his experience shooting with the elephants,

“Experience of working with the elephants was the best one I have ever had in a very long time, the director was the great experience, Chuck Russell, the legend was a great experience to and yes we had a lot of fun on the sets.” while adding further, “the way the elephants look at us is, ‘you be nice to us and we will be extra nice to you’,that’s the only difference I notice while I was on the sets and you have to respect the creature a lot because they are gargentuals they are 3000 kg and we are barely like 100 kg, if they wag their tail also it can injure you but they are so carefu,l they are so catious of the humans that they don’t wanna create any harm to you. So, it was a great experience the action was good because it was my responsibility to be careful with the elephants and yes we did a great job.”

Junglee Trailer Vidyut Jammwal

The film, Junglee is directed by Chuck Russell and co-produced by Vineet Jain and Priti Shahani under the banners of Junglee Pictures. It stars Asha Bhat, Pooja Sawant, Atul Kulkarni, and Makarand Deshpande with Vidyut Jammwal in other pivotal roles. Junglee is slated to release on 5th of April this year.

You can watch the trailer here:

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