After ‘Batla House’, John Abraham & Mrunal Thakur Reunite For ‘Gallan Goriyan’  

After tasting the success at the box office with Batla House, Bollywood citizens: John Abraham and Mrunal Thakur have reunited, this time around to have audiences up and dancing on their feet. This Bollywood Duo has reunited for T-Series’ newest audio single, Gallan Goriyan, a fun, party song, voiced by Dhvani Bhanushali and UK based composer-singer Taz.

Dhvani Bhanushali’s father Vinod Bhanushali, is the president of Global Marketing and Media Publishing Deptt. of T-Series.

John Abraham Mrunal Thakur Gallan Goriyan
John Abraham Mrunal Thakur Gallan Goriyan

Coming back to John Abraham. He has constantly chosen to be part of the content that is relevant and has reinvented himself with every passing year. Mrunal Thakur on the other hand left a lasting impact on her performance in Batla House, where she shared screen space with the actor.

Have a look at the music video below:

Mrunal and John have now come together to make the best use of their sizzling chemistry for this special song helmed by Adil Shaikh and presented by Bhushan Kumar’s T-Series. Talking about her experience whilst shooting the song, Mrunal said,

“This was the first time I was doing a typical nach-gana song and I am glad to have had this experience although I was quite nervous. Choreographer Adil and Alisha helped me to open up. It helped that I had rehearsed for about two weeks. In the song, I am supposed to catch John Abraham’s attention and I can be seen shamelessly flirting with him.”

Mrunal further revealed,

“My entire family came on the set unannounced to cheer me up. That was sweet but then after I gave a couple of retakes my mother blurted out, ‘Aga, kaay zhaala tula? Ghari tar changla expression dete? (WHat happened to you, you give such good expressions at home)’ I have these really fond memories of Gallan Goriyan. I had great fun being part of a team that was so organized, sorted, and fun to work with.”

John Abraham Mrunal Thakur Gallan Goriyan
John Abraham Mrunal Thakur Gallan Goriyan

The song will be out on 11th June on T-Series ‘YouTube channel.


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