Jasmin’s Mother Wants Her Daughter To ‘Play Independently’ In Show

Bigg Boss 14 has seen many wild moments inside the house. From the moment when two of Bollywood’s controversial queens Rakhi Sawant and Arshi Khan entered the house, we all probably thought that they will bring in with them unknown gossips and controversies. We thought that they will probably hamper the peace but little did we know that their presence inside the house will be appreciated and loved by us all.

In the past few months, we have literally seen how TV actress Jasmin Bhasin has exponentially changed. Before Aly Goni entered the house, Jasmin was in the good books of almost everyone, but as soon as her rumored bf entered the house, we saw a different side of Jasmin. While some people think that she has changed, Jasmin, on the other hand, says that this is how she really is even outside the house. In the recent episode, we will see Jasmin’s mother entering the house and instructing Jasmin on how to carry forward her game inside the house.

Jasmin’s Mother Daughter
Jasmin’s Mother Daughter and dad

Jasmin’s mother, Gurmeet Kaur Bhasin, was seen talking to Jasmin and telling her to play her game Independently. Before entering the house, Jasmin’s mother gave an interview to a leading publication where said that she really misses her daughter. She said that Jasmin would always make them visit new places to explore and will also take care of her parents lovingly. She even talked about Jasmin’s bond with her Grandmother.

Jasmin’s Mother Daughter
Jasmin’s Mother Daughter

“Jasmin is extremely close to her Dadi and they share a unique relationship. She often tells me how pretty Jasmin is looking. I, too, find her dresses and style very good, she is presenting herself very well in the house. I am also thankful to her fans that during these tough times they are helping and boosting her so that she can play her game nicely. ”

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