Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin And Rahul Vaidya Sort Out Their Differences

Bigg Boss is famous because of the infamous fights between the contestants. It’s a place where we get to see every famous personality trying to pull other contestants down in some way or the other. It’s rare to see true friendships and heart-to-heart conversations between the contestants, inside the house. But, in the recent episode of Bigg Boss season 14, TV actor Jasmin and Indian Idol fame Rahul Vaidya had a heart-to-heart conversation.

Jasmin Bhasin Rahul Vaidya
Jasmin Bhasin Rahul Vaidya

Both of them sorted out their differences and bury the hatchet. The two famous personalities had a major fight over a task. Their feud soon turned ugly and led to loud shouting followed by bitterness for each other.

Salman Khan Bigg Boss 14

Even the host, Salman Khan pointed out that Jasmin overreacted over a small issue, and he added that Rahul Vaidya was just trying to complete his task.

In the episode, Jasmin apologized to Rahul for her attitude and miss communication. She said, “I am sorry, maybe I misunderstood. But you also triggered my feelings saying continuously that I am performing. I was hurt. You also didn’t once come and apologize to me. You have hurt my mental and emotional state. But I am sorry. I accept when Salman Sir said that your intent was not what I had assumed. I will not become small if I apologize.”

Jasmin Bhasin Rahul Vaidya
Jasmin Bhasin Rahul Vaidya

She poured her heart out and clarified everything that was going on in her head. Rahul was really happy to hear Jasmin’s perspective. He replied by saying, I had no idea what was going on in your mind and how you had perceived it. And if you think that I was not affected, then you are wrong.”

Jasmin said that this talk worked like medicine for her, and she needed this medicine to heal herself from the trauma she faced during the task. Both of them ended the conversation on a positive note, and they even shook hands that signified that both of them have finally forgiven each other.

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