Jasmin Bhasin Stops Pavitra From Talking to Aly Goni

Fans are excited to see Jasmin Bhasin’s rumored boyfriend, Aly Goni. Last week, Bigg Boss posted on their social media page that a new contestant aka a wild card entry will enter the house on 4th November 2020.
In the recent episode, fans saw how happy Jasmin was on seeing her best friend inside the house. She felt so many emotions inside, and honestly, it was probably one of the best moments of Bigg Boss 14.

Jasmin Bhasin Aly Goni
Jasmin Bhasin Aly Goni

In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss, fans will now see how Jasmin Bhasin gets jealous and stops Pavitra Puniya from talking to her friend. All of this will happen in today’s episode.

In the promo, Rubina is upset at her husband and asks him the reason why Pavitra pushed Abhinav instead of Jasmin. She later tells that it’s not safe to trust Jasmin. Furthermore, the members in the green zone area compete with each other for the captaincy task. Everyone is trying to outshine each other and Aly is seen giving instructions and advice to the contestants including Jasmin.

Furthermore, Pavitra is seen talking to Aly via intercom and she said that she would and should expect something from each other if they are friends. She is later interrupted by Jasmin who tells her not to talk to her friend. To which Pavitra instantly replied by saying,  “Apni dosti ki possessiveness apne paas rakho wo mera bhi dost hai (keep the possessiveness of your friendship with yourself, as he is my friend too.)” Both of them start slapping each other with rude and angry sentences.

Jasmin Bhasin Aly Goni
Jasmin Bhasin Aly Goni

Bigg Boss is getting interesting day by day, and it’s quite entertaining to see changing equations and friendships inside the house. Fans are really excited to watch Jasmina and Aly’s friendship inside the Bigg boss house. Before entering the Bigg Boss house, Aly said in an interview that he wants Jasmin to win this show and it’s because of her that he is finally entering the controversial show. He said, “Jasmin is very strong and even though I am going inside as a contestant, I want her to win the show. Both of us will give our best during the tasks. I want to win, too, but I am my second priority. I want Jasmin to win. If during the finale, she is standing next to me, I would want her hand to be raised and announced as winner.”

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