Janta Curfew: 5 Things You Can Enjoy At Home

Janta Curfew will be observed on March 22, 2020 according to the addressal by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his 30 minutes video on March 19. It is said to be a test run for social distancing in order to contain the spread of the novel Coronavirus across the country.

We all know that no vaccines have been found to counteract the novel Coronavirus till now so we must stay healthy & positive in order to overcome a global crisis of this kind. Narendra Modi has appealed to the public of India to understand the importance in order to determine & restraint through social distancing. We all need to take the responsibility in order to help curb the spread of this disease in the country.

Janta Curfew

Here is a list of things you can do ‘at home’ during this Janta Curfew.


Start up your day with Yoga

Kick start your day with Yoga which is considered to be one of the best exercises that increase immunity. It is a great opportunity for starting this good practice and for encouraging your family members about the same. Yoga helps you keep the mental stress away. Let’s keep into account the amount of stress, fear and anxiety this disease is bringing in.

Yoga like the Fish Pose, Forward Fold & Pranayam increase the line of the defense of our body.

Use this opportunity of lockdown to spend time with your family and cook together!

Nobody has the time to even eat properly, forget about the long talks & family get-togethers. But you can use this Janta Curfew with a big fat breakfast time with your family.

You can plan a lip smacking menu for breakfast & cook it together with your family members.


Movie & Lunch (At Home)

Put on some nice movie that everyone would like with some amazing home-cooked food for lunch and enjoy this precious cozy time with your loved ones. Bring back your childhood memories that you once cherished.

This can certainly perk up your mood away from the negative atmosphere outside due to the Pandemic.

Consider playing Board Games or UNO!

We’ve gotten so busy posting on Instagram that we have forgotten the time we used to enjoy playing those board games we used to call ‘Saanp Seedi’ and Ludo. You can also consider playing UNO with your family and spend some quality time with your loved ones.



Make tea or coffee for your family members and I bet they’ll appreciate you for that. Enjoy the high tea with your family and munch on those lovely tea-time snacks because come on, it’s a cheat day 😉

Use those snacks that you have stacked for yourself, now is the time.


Watch TV series with Beer and Maggi

You can watch a TV series with your favourite recipe of Maggi, make it the way you like it. If you are ok with alcohol go with a bottle of beer, i you are not, prepare a mocktail for yourself.

Let’s show our support to the Janta Curfew & use this time of lockdown to bring back those days we enjoyed with our families. Stay Safe, Stay Calm!

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