Janhvi Kapoor’s Competition With Sara Ali Khan: Here’s What Janhvi Has to Say!

Sridevi’s daughter Janhvi Kapoor recently made her debut in Karan Johar’s film ‘Dhadak’ which turned out to be a decent success at the box office. The film received a great response by the Bollywood fans and Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter received immense praise from the Bollywood fans for their performance. Janhvi Kapoor has really been amazing on the big screen and has been able to influence a large number of Bollywood fans. This actress is really beautiful and is the new face of the Bollywood industry but now this actress will also be facing competition with other new faces in the industry like Saif Ali Khan’s daughter, Sara Ali Khan.

Sara Ali Khan is yet to make her debut in Bollywood and very soon we will see this gorgeous actress on the big screen. The fans are very excited to witness this beautiful daughterof Saif Ali Khan on the big screen and she has also been working very hard these days and is occupied in a couple of projects. The competition between Janhvi and Sara will surely go hand in hand as both of them are new to the film industry. Well, when Janhvi Kapoor was questioned about the competition with Sara, she said that people enjoy doing that and it is a very bad thing.

Janhvi Kapoor Sara Ali Khan

According to the reports of Filmibeat, when Janhvi Kapoor was questioned about her competition with Sara Ali Khan, she said,

“I don’t know why everyone is pitting us against each other. I guess people enjoy doing that. Competition is a bad thing if you make it sound that way.”

So Janhvi Kapoor thinks that competition should be kept helthy and should not be used as something as a source of entertainment.

Not only this but Janhvi Kapoor said that it is not right to just compare actresses with each other. She said that it is sexism to only consider actresses and she feels that if the thing is of competition, then even actors should be considered. Janhvi Kapoor also gave an example of Ishaan Khatter. Janhvi Kapoor said,

“It’s also odd because I think you only pit women against each other. Why is no one asking Ishaan the same question – if he’s feeling the sting of competition, too!”

Janhvi also added that people love pitting women against each other but she says that in real life we can also be happy and also we can celebrate each other’s success. She says,

“People love pitting women against each other. But in reality, we can be happy and celebrate each other’s success. It’s easy to co-exist, if you are doing a good job.”

Not only this but the actress also feels that Sara and all other new faces in the Bollywood industry would do a great job.

Janhvi said that even she is very excited to see Sara, Ananya and Tara on the big screen and she believes that they will do a great job. She also said that it is good to see a lot of new talent coming up in Bollywood. Janhvi Kapoor also stated that she hasn’t interacted much with Tara but she has talked to Sara and Ananya and she feels that both the actresses are really amazing and are full of life. Janhvi Kapoor showed her excitement to witness these beautiful actresses soon on the big screen.

According to the reports of Filmibeat, Janhvi had said,

“As an audience member, I’m excited to see Sara, Ananya and Tara. I haven’t interacted with Tara, but I have spoken to Sara and Ananya and they are so full of life. They are amazing people and I’m excited to see them on screen because I’m sure they will be magic. It’s good to see so much new talent coming into the industry.”

She also told that both Sara and Ananya spoke to her when the promos of Dhadak was out and Janhvi feels that they are really sweet. So Janhvi Kapoor feels that competition should be taken up in a positive manner instead of pitting women against each other.

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