Jagjit Singh Was Laughed At By People When He Was On Stage For The First Time But After Listening To Him…

Ghazal singer Jagjit Singh died on 10 October 2011. Today is his ninth death anniversary. He is still alive among his fans, as his ghazals and romantic voice still has millions of fans. But there was a time when he was given the B Grade Singer status. People laughed at him when he was going to perform for the first time. Even the college hostel did not like him to be around them.

It is about Jagjit Singh’s college days when he used to study at DAV College, Jalandhar. Jagjit Singh used to live in a hostel here. He used to wake up at five in the morning to practice for two hours because of which the rest of the boys living in hostels did not like to stay in the rooms around him. At the same time, Jalandhar station of All India Radio had failed him in the style of ecclesiastical singing. In classical style, he was given the rank of B grade singer.

Once famous film director Subhash Ghai & Jagjit Singh went to Bangalore to participate in Yuva Utsav, an inter-state college on behalf of their respective universities. Jagjit’s number came there at 11 in the night. When the announcer announced on the mic that the Punjab University student would sing classical music, the people present there laughed out loud. According to them Punjab was known for Bhangra.

Jagjit Singh

As soon as Jagjit came on stage, the people started whistling. Looking at the scene, it seemed that he was going to flop badly. He began to close his eyes amidst the deafening noise. He started singing after thirty seconds. Slowly as the magic happened, the audience present there understood classical music very well and started clapping first pausing and then every five minutes with full fervor.

When he finished singing, there was such a loud applause that Subhash Ghai, who was present there, had tears in his eyes. Jagjit Singh also received the first prize there. This story was narrated by Subhash Ghai himself during the time when a book was being written on Jagjit Singh.

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