Jaan Kumar Sanu Says His Father Refused To Be a Part of Their Lives

Jaan Kumar Sanu, who has recently left the Bigg Boss house, has made some shocking revelations post his eviction. The Bollywood playback singer was playing strong in the game until he made derogative statements against the Marathi language.Their

Jaan Kumar Sanu His Father
Jaan Kumar Sanu His Father

Jaan Kumar Sanu’s presence was not for as long as well hoped for, but the singer made sure he entertained us through his fights and presence inside the house. Post this eviction, Jaan gave an interview where he told why Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia deserve to win the show and what exactly went wrong between Nikki Tamboli and him. He even added, how being called “Nepo Kid” was completely wrong because he claimed that his father did not look after him after his divorce from his mother. Jaan Kumar Sanu says that he has created his own path with his hard work and dedication.

Jaan Kumar Sanu His Father
Jaan Kumar Sanu His Father

Talking about his biological father, he said, “We are three brothers and have been single-handedly brought up by my mother, Rita Bhattacharya. My father has never been a part of my life. I have no idea why he never supported or promoted me as a singer – you can ask him why. There are so many celebs in the industry, who have got divorced and remarried. They may not talk to their ex-wife, but they have never shied away from supporting their children from their first marriage. They have always taken responsibility for their children. But, in my case, my father Kumar Sanu refused to keep in touch with us.”

Jaan even said that Nikki Tamboli is an attention seeker who will do anything to win the show, he said, “Nikki Tamboli is a publicity hound and will do anything for attention. Her kissing me was also a publicity tactic to stay in the limelight on the show. She has no agenda, but to do anything for attention.”

Talking about Eijaz, the ex-contestant said that he is too conscious of the fact that he has to stay in the limelight otherwise, he will not win the show.

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