It Used To Take 4 HOURS For Dara Singh To Become Lord Hanuman; Here’s How He Got The Role 

It Used To Take 4 HOURS For Dara Singh To Become Lord Hanuman: The TV show Ramayana, directed by Ramanand Sagar, became very popular among the Indian audience. In the Ramayana, Arun Govil played Lord Rama’s role, Sunil Lahiri played the role of Laxman, Arvind Trivedi played the role of Lankapati Ravana and Dara Singh played the role of Hanuman. Today is the birth anniversary of Dara Singh. On this special occasion, we would like you to know about the story when Dara got the role of Hanuman.

How could anyone be better than Dara Singh for Hanuman’s role? Prem Sagar said that he had family ties with Dara Singh and he was a disciplined person. Dara’s make-up for Hanuman’s character in the Ramayana took about 3 to 4 hours. Dara Singh himself was also a Hanuman devotee.

Singh got the role of Hanuman only by coincidence. Actually, in 1986, when Ramanand Sagar was casting his show, he called Dara and told him that he is playing Hanuman in his new TV show.

Dara had earlier refused to play this role and said that he was almost 60 years old. He asked him to take a young boy for the role but Ramanand Sagar did not listen to him. What happened after that has already been recorded in the history.

Singh first earned fame in ‘Pahalvani’ and later became known as a film and TV actor. His last film was in the 2007 film Jab We Met. King Kong, Faulad, Kal Ho Na Ho, Mard, Hercules and Samson are some of the Dara Singh’s films.

Dara married twice. He was first married to Bachno Kaur at the age of 14. At that time, Bachno was older than Singh. While a minor, Dara became the father of a son. Bachno Kaur died in the year 1952 after 10 years of their marriage. After this, Singh married Surjit Kaur in 1961. At that time, Dara used to work as a watchman. He has 3 sons & 3 daughters out of which Vindu Dara Singh is one.

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