Ira Khan And Mishaal Kirpalani’s Pics Make It Tough For Netizens To Keep Calm

Ira Khan is the latest star kid that the internet is obsessed with. She is pretty active on Instagram and keeps sharing tidbits from her daily life every now and then.

Aamir Khan‘s daughter Ira Khan just recently Instagrammed a picture of her with her boyfriend Mishaal Kirpalani as she was missing her. The pic has now gone viral. Both these are looking pretty cute together in the picture. Mishaal was holding Ira in his arms in this viral pic.

If one can interpret a pic, then it gave a strong inside feeling that Ira was missing her beau a lot. She captioned this pic with words,

“Everything will be okay #missyou #life #existentialcrisis #acceptance #notsomidlifecrisis #love #relationship #sofarsogood #us #theworld #humanity #keepcalm #itsokay #smile.”

While some of her followers commented the pic by writing how adorable the couple looked together and what a lovely couple the two of them made, others also wondered if Ira has had a break-up. “Dil toot gaya” wrote one of the Instagram users.

ave a look at the pic below and some of the comments it attracted:

Ira has shared a lot of pics of her with Mishaal on her Instagram. Not just her, even Mishaal had recently shared a candid picture of the two of them and captioned it with words,

“Used to not be allowed in the building. But now we on the rooftop.”


Have a look below:

Back in June this year, Ira confirmed her dating relationship with Mishaal, who is pursuing music as a career. In one of the AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions that she conducted on her Insta stories, a fan had asked her if she is in a relationship. She replied, with a pic of the couple.

Talking about her film industry debut, when father Aamir Khan was asked about the same at a F2F with IndiaToday. Latter said,

“I’m not quite sure what she has in mind but I suspect that she likes the world of cinema and filmmaking. So maybe that’s where she would want to go, I don’t know.”


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