Interesting Facts About Bollywood Supestar Vidya Balan

Facts About Vidya Balan:

One of the most talented and versatile actors of Bollywood, Vidya Balan, has proved that there is no role she cannot play. With each film, she continues to impress the critics and the audiences with her exceptional performance. No matter how different the roles are, she has given her best and tried very hard to outshine every other actor of her generation. When it comes to acting, she has not only broken the mold but has also reshaped it. We have listed below Vidya Balan’s most mesmerizing facts you’d love to know. Check out the list and see which all movies have you watched?

 1. Experimented with different genres

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Balan is a courageous actress who dared to experiment with different genres. Unlike other Bollywood actresses who are either just known for their romantic film or mystery films, Balan has explored all the genres that Bollywood has to offer. She has given phenomenal performances in the majority of them. Be it Parineeta, Kahaani No one Killed Jessica, or Shakuntala Devi. She has aced all of them.

 2. Isn’t afraid to say a ‘No’

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Her journey is an inspiration for all those actors who struggle with saying no to the director. She strongly feels that it’s important for an actor to be able to connect with their character, and if they are not able to do so, then no matter how huge the banner is, don’t be afraid to walk out. She rejected the role of Ajay Devgn’s wife in Drishyam as she felt that it was not for her.

 3. She does everything for her character

Facts About Vidya Balan
Facts About Vidya Balan

To ace the role of Reshma from Dirty Picture, she agreed to put on weight for her role in the movie. Where so many Bollywood actresses would not agree to such a demand, Vidya did not mind going an extra step for her work. We all know how well it paid off.

 4. She is the hero of her film

Where so many Bollywood actresses are dependent on their co-star for the success of their film, Vidya Balan stands out with her choice and performance. She does not need any hero for her film as she is the hero herself. Films like Bobby Jasoos and Kahani prove this. Both of these movies were superhit, and her performance was applauded.

 5. Played grey Characters

She did not shy away from playing Grey characters on screen. Her roles in Ishiqiya, Kahaani, and Dirty picture, Bhul Bhulaiyaa were more realistic and natural than playing superficial characters on screen.

 6. Her films Broke Stereotypes

One of the biggest stars of the Hindi film industry, Vidya Balan’s films are known to break stereotypes. Her roles in movies like Tumhari Sulu, Kahaani, Dirty Picture, Begum Jaan, and Gulabi gang were loved and appreciated for her courage to deliver such pathbreaking roles.

 7. Did not mix her professional and personal life

Facts About Vidya Balan
Facts About Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan is a celebrated actress who did not let her marriage affect her career. She gave blockbusters even after getting married to Siddharth Roy Kapur. Bobby Jasoos, Begum Jaan, Mission Mangal, Kahaani 2, Shakuntala Devi, and many more were released after her marriage.

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