Indian Idol 10 Finalist: Vibhor Rubbishes Rumors Of Dating Judge: Neha Kakkar

Indian Idol 10 Judge: Neha Kakkar and her boyfriend Himansh Kohli went separate ways last year. And now there are rumors that she is dating Indian Idol 10 finalist: Vibhor Parashar. We are sharing with you below Vibhor’s reaction to all these rumors.

He termed all these rumors as baseless and revealed that Neha has helped him build a career as she sees talent in him. These rumors gained strength as both these individuals have been touring cities together of late, sparking rumours of dating. And Neha happens to be one of those individuals who get to make decisions that whether Vibhor and other contestants deserve to be on the show or not.

A Bollywoodlife report quoted Vibhor as saying,

“You should take it as a rumour. People have sh** mentality. If someone is helping you build your career, it is because they see some talent in you. Just because I don’t tag her as didi (sister) on Instagram, everyone starts thinking that she is my girlfriend.”

He added,

“I’m Vibhor Parashar because of her. I really respect her and people know me because of her and obviously, also because of my hard work. So, I don’t even feel like responding to these rumours. Mera dimaag kharab hota hai when I hear these things (I get irritated when I hear these things).”

He had words of appreciation for Neha and said,

“People don’t understand that this negativity might hamper someone’s mentality. She has worked quite hard and today she is above all the Khans. So this is totally wrong,” concluded Parashar and requested everyone to stop spreading negativity.”

Indian Idol 10 Finalist: Vibhor Parashar Rubbishes Rumors Of Dating Judge: Neha Kakkar
Indian Idol 10 Finalist: Vibhor Parashar Rubbishes Rumors Of Dating Judge: Neha Kakkar

Talking about Neha, post her public breakup with Himansh Kohli, she said in an interview,

“Right now, all I can say is that being single is the best feeling of my life. You know what, when I was in a relationship, I was not being able to give time to my family and my friends. At that time, I dedicated all my time and energy to that person who does not deserve it. And guess what, inspite of giving him so much time; he always complained of not being together.”


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