10 Indian Cricketers Then & Now Shocking Transformation You Won’t Believe

The Indian Cricketers have changed a lot and some have become the style statement of the youth. The transformation of these cricketers is shocking and fabulous at the same time. Check out the 10 Indian cricketers then & now shocking transformation you won’t believe.


Indian Cricketers Then & Now Shocking Transformation

Mahi can be easily called the King of Hair Transformations. First, his long-hairstyle became a national rage when he joined the Indian cricket team. Then he later sported bald pate, mohawk look, and a scattered look. His neat salt and pepper look today too gives Style Goals to many.


Virat Kohli is one of the hottest cricketers in the world. Earlier, he was plump and was even called Cheeku by his teammates. Wonder if Anushka would have married him if he looked like that now?


Indian Cricketers Then & Now Shocking Transformation

Hardik Pandya may flaunt his style and fashion-sense now. But earlier, he wasn’t even close. He’s totally unrecognizable in his previous photos!


The new Poster Boy of Indian Cricket team, KL Rahul’s full name is Kannur Lokesh Rahul. Just like his name, his looks weren’t as cool before. But now, he keeps changing his hairstyles and also has
many tattoos just like his inspiration Virat Kohli.


Indian Cricketers Then & Now Shocking Transformation

India’s favourite all-rounder, Yuvi was a style icon back in the day. But during his cancer phase, he gained a lot of weight. But like a fighter he is, he got back with even fitter and a better physique.


Team India’s very own Gabbar obviously didn’t always look this rugged. He was a young, slim, boy in his early days. But his transformation is phenomenal as he carries himself really well.


Indian Cricketers Then & Now Shocking Transformation

India’s death-over specialist has come a long way when it comes to his appearance. He is not just fit, but also has abs now! Some time ago, he uploaded a photo of his toned body and made Twitter go crazy!


Apart from his spot-on fielding, his new hairdos every now and then catch everyone’s attention. He likes to keep changing his looks. But take a look at his younger self and you wouldn’t believe he’s the same guy!


Ishant Sharma hasn’t only gotten better with his bowling But also in his looks. Now, the bearded and groomed Ishant looks much better.


Indian Cricketers Then & Now Shocking Transformation

Harbhajan Singh started playing for India when he was just 18. A big change in his look is pretty much visible. But his swag and attitude on-field still remain the same.

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